Business Development

We continuously upgrade our products specifications, such as color and design to suit the taste or culture of our customers, and to respond to the latest trends in fashion. We tailor our products to suit our customers needs, especially for:

ladies wear
 (blouse, shirt, dress, lingerie, pant, jacket)
  • men's wear
 (shirt, pant, jacket)
  • traditional wear
 (moslem wear, baju wear, sarong)
  • children wear

  • accessories (doll dress)

  • upholstery (curtain)

We also continuously expand our production, marketing, distribution network and services. It is our commitment to satisfy customers by offering excellent high-quality products at competitive prices, prompt delivery and hospitable services.

One of our goals is to incorporate an e-commerce solution, which enable customers to make transactions and interact directly with us through the internet. This to speed up the order process, especially for repeat design, and reduce the cost for both the factory and the customers.