Shanghai Intertextile 2014 - 2015

Shanghai Intertex Award 2014 - 2015 certificate

Our award winning items were also got covered in the Fabrics China Magazine

Our qlty that won the Trend Fashion Award 2014-2015

Arty Category

  1. Qlty: Candy Chiffon, sheer item, denim print, dark navy color
  2. Qlty: Samantha, crinkle sheer shiny item, ombre print, purple color
  3. Qlty: Caroline, dobbt ggt shiny item, ombre print, coral maroon color
  4. Qlty: Amarilys, satin ggt item, batik print, navy blue color

Melancholy Category

  1. Qlty: Sharmelya Youryu, crinkle sheer, foggy foil print gold olive color